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The most unusual cafes and restaurants in Odessa

The most unusual cafes and restaurants in Odessa

Being in Odessa and not going to the famous institutions of the whole city is an inexcusable luxury. This applies not only to museums and theaters, but also to cafes, restaurants , bars – where it is customary to satisfy not only intellectual hunger, but and completely banal physical.
So, where do you have to go to Odessa to feel a touch of something very tasty, creative, unusual? To satiate the stomach with exceptional delicacies and experience immense pleasure from contemplating the situation, the service and the general concept of the place?

Restaurant near the Maristella Sea

In truth, a unique place, which many visitors to Odessa say. There is also a banquet hall, a poolside restaurant, all with a chic sea view. High-class cuisine, luxurious interior, quality service and panoramic views of the Black Sea is what the restaurant at the Maristella Marine Residence, which is known as the best banquet hall in Odessa, can offer its customers.

Figure . Interior of the restaurant in Maristell

The restaurant Maristella created the necessary conditions for any event, from informal meetings with friends and business partners, to celebrations for birthday and wedding ceremonies.

Figure . Interior of restaurant in Maristell, sea view

Address: Red Dawn, 2A – The restaurant is located in our hotel complex.
The interior is made in the author’s style. The internal hall of the institution can accommodate up to 100 guests, a banquet tent near the sea allows accommodation of up to 350 guests. Efficiency of the restaurant provides panoramic glazing – from the windows you can see a beautiful view of the Black Sea, located 20 meters from your tables!

“Compote” – restaurant, if his beloved grandmother opened it

If, while walking around Odessa, they caught a tantalizing and insolent aroma of baking and realized that it’s urgent to have a snack, then you have a direct road to the café-restaurant “Kompot”. This network institution, cafes are found in the most passable and crowded places.

unusual cafes of Odessa Compote


Figure . Unusual cafe of Odessa “Kompot”

They do not serve foie gras or nightingale tongues, but they make tea on the guest table, generously distribute sour cream, jams and jams for syrniki and pancakes, offer hearty breakfasts and excellent pastries.
The main concept of “Compote” – nourishing, tasty, at home, the grandmother would be calm for such a diet in the grandchildren. The cafe is clean, cozy, has to family dinners.
Compote in Odessa unusual cafe

Figure . Cafe “Kompot” interior

Address: Panteleimonovskaya 70, Odessa, from the Maristella Hotel at 8 km, is an hour and a half of a leisurely walk through the center of Odessa or 7 minutes by taxi.

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Non-standard “Tulka”: colorful and tasty

As soon as the “Tulka” is not called: a cafe, a glass, a sandwich, no epithet reflects its full essence.
Firstly, they do not miss a glass in Tyulku, although these positions are menus, and they can have a snack, lunch or dinner in a relaxed atmosphere, according to the entourage resembling a café in the Odessa café of the Soviet period. Secondly, they serve the best sandwiches with fish, lard, cheese, forshmak and much more than that. Third, only the freshest products from Privoz are used here.

Cafe tulka Unusual in Odessa

Figure . Cafe “Tulka” in Odessa

In the “Tulka” everything is simple, without the capital’s ambitions and high prices, the names of the dishes speak directly about it: “Snack” with something “,” Mamin Napoleon “,” Lunch of the loader from Privoz “. It is worth to go here, at least for the sake of the legendary tulka, it is served in different ways
Unusual cafe Tulka in Odessa

Figure . Dish from the Tulka cafe

Address: Koblevskaya 46, Odessa, 10 km from Maristella (10 minutes by taxi and two hours walk along the sea) and a few minutes from the zoo.

How about dinner at the Dacha in the very center of Odessa

The restaurant “Dacha” offers a luxurious setting of the 30s of the last century and an excellent menu.
Restaurant Dacha in Odessa in the photo

Figure . Photo of the restaurant

The aristocratic atmosphere of the old dacha is emphasized in every detail: the grand staircase inviting you to go to an old mansion, rare furniture, numerous accessories, for example, pots with geraniums or jars with pickles and jam – all breathe with coziness, relaxation. Which hall to choose – a bedroom or a living room, to decide for themselves, is everywhere beautiful and interesting.
Unusual restaurant in Odessa Dacha

Figure. The interior of the restaurant “Dacha”

In the restaurant “Dacha” do not jump in to eat, it is customary to enjoy food, savor the dish, long and pleasant conversation, so that at the end of the dinner feel like a real owner of a beautiful mansion.

By the way, here you can buy real home spins, which already at home will remind you of delicious Odessa cuisine or will be an excellent gift from the seaside city.
Address : French Boulevard, 85, building. 15, Odessa, less than 5 km from Maristella, walk through Arcadia will take less than an hour, a taxi ride takes 5 minutes.

Unusual and not standard “Tavernetta”, or a bit of Italy in Odessa

The restaurant “Tavernetta” focuses on Italian cuisine, impeccable quality of dishes and a calm and friendly atmosphere. It is cozy and tasty, there is a wonderful veranda with a rain in the hot afternoon, lots of greenery and Italian generous portions.
Non-standard cafe Tavernetta in Odessa

Figure. Cafe “Tavernetta”

In the “Tavernette” they cook exclusively from products originating from Italy, they themselves make ravioli themselves – it’s easy to be sure, when you go to a restaurant, they serve the best pasta and unrestrained ones for smiles and good emotions. Here everyone knows about food and generously share their observations and experiences: what wine to choose for pasta, how to cook parmesan, what is the difference between olives and olives, why take flour from Italy, how to cook pasta at home.
Cafe Tavernetta in Odessa is very unusually

Figure. Cafe “Tavernetta” photo

Immediately there is a shop where you can buy some Italian products, kitchen accessories and appliances for cutting, graters, cooking, frying and so on.
Address: Ekaterininskaya, 45, Odessa, 8 km from Maristella – it’s 7 minutes by car or about two hours of pleasant walks among the monuments and attractions of South Palmyra.

Authentic Bernardazzi, or a romantic dinner in theatrical scenery

“Bernardazzi” – a restaurant for decorating the hall, the quality of food and the level of service is quite relevant to the high kitchen. Here the sommelier offers the best of the wine cellar, the chef does not cook, but creates, the waiters are impeccable in their actions.
authentic restaurant in Odessa Bernardazzi

Figure . Bernardazzi restaurant interior

In the “Bernardazzi” a romantic atmosphere with live music, offering to explanations of love, family evenings, a wonderful quiet dinner after visiting the Philharmonic. Particular attention is paid to the wine culture, there is an extensive wine list.
authentic restaurant in Odessa Bernardazzi photo

Figure . View of the restaurant

Address : Bunina street, 15, from the hotel Maristella taxi will take you to the restaurant in 8 minutes (9 km), you can walk on foot – only 1.5 hours.

Original Cafe “Greens” – a gourmet’s dream

Cafe “Green” refutes the view that the vegetarian and the more vegan is tasteless and simple. This is a very interesting institution on the map of Odessa, where even meat eaters will like it.
Cafe Greens unusual cafe of Odessa

Figure . Cafe “Greens” in Odessa

Yes, the meat of animals is not served here, but real miracles are created from fruits, vegetables and cereals. The usual salads and hot dishes without animal fats are even tastier and more attractive. The design of the cafe resonates with a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition.
Address : Rope, 85, Odessa, this is 7 km from Maristella (7 minutes by car or an hour by foot).
Odessa offers many unusual cafes and restaurants, in this creative and beautiful city there simply can not be boredom and banality. In which specific place to go – depends on personal wishes and finances, we advise, whenever possible, to visit everything. It’s really cool and interesting!