Weddings and wedding receptions in Maristella


Wedding – a day in which there should be no flaws, a day of unity, fusion-loving souls. It is particularly important to the bride and groom were happy and not clouded the celebration small parts poorly organized festivities. Therefore, our organization wedding in Odessa assumes full compliance in the design, dishes and other moments with the wishes of the customer. Maristella Hotel will make your wedding decoration in the style of what you want it. We are well guided in modern trends, keep abreast of new trends, offer their own ideas, carefully consider your.

Benefits of Odessa wedding in the restaurant Maristella

According to estimates of the visitors, a restaurant, without exaggeration, is considered the first in the city are among the best. Customers particularly impressed by the luxurious terrace on the sea, where the holding birthday, anniversary, any other festival is combined with natural seascapes and perfect service.

The list of advantages:

  • Stylish room for 100 persons in a chocolate-purple tones;
  • a large terrace that can comfortably accommodate up to 300 guests;
  • attentive, courteous staff;
  • weddings includes modern equipment for the entertainment part of the program;
  • a large inventory of exclusive dishes of Bessarabia, European, Mediterranean cuisine (negotiated separately);
  • the possibility of leaving the individual entertainment programs.

Weddings in Odessa often involves painting ceremony is not in the registry office. In this case, the couple have to look for a special place, hire a designer for his arrangement, to organize a celebration with all the trappings. Our terrace near the ocean waves – a great alternative to a beach arches. Implementation of registration of marriage here will not require additional investments.

The characteristics of the wedding restaurant Maristella

We take care of your wedding chores. Design (including florists work with live or artificial flowers), organizing live music, inviting artists, show-ballet (optional) remains our objective. Wedding restaurant Maristella organize events “turnkey”, with the provision of a video and photo shoot. The additional services will find car rental, fireworks, luxurious rooms increased comfort for the newlyweds and guests to your wedding. More information about the services of the restaurant by the sea for bodies. +38 (048) 771 27 91.

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