Conducting a birthday party on the Black Sea coast in Odessa

Birthday in the sea restaurant

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Birthday celebration in the hotel restaurant near the sea

When choosing a venue for the anniversary of identity on the occasion, Everyman eager to find a presentable restaurant with ideal conditions. Attention is focused on modern institutions with good service. The moment is very important – the staff should be able to serve meals on time, at the same time not to disturb guests, pronouncing toasts in honor of the birthday. Holding birthday Maristella restaurant excludes any incidents that could prevent perfect celebration.

Benefits of birthday Maristella Marine Residence

Any action must be perfected to the last detail. Children’s parties, visiting painting in Odessa (link), banquets and buffets are served at the European level. The manager deals with clarification of all details and matching design of the restaurant and the terrace (if enabled). If your celebration unplanned, its clearance is less than three days. Be sure to consult on the menu – you may have to make changes based on the number of guests and wishes to dishes.

For the day of birth Maristella offers:

  • a large range of hot and cold dishes copyright;
  • Exclusive drinks;
  • textile decoration of halls, florists work (optional);
  • organize live music, fireworks;
  • guest accommodation in comfortable rooms.

The hotel complex Maristella Marine Residence is able to surprise the service. Beautiful inner hall with capacity of 100 persons is decorated in pastel shades of chocolate with the addition of Bordeaux. Terrace can be made in any color, textiles, flowers, balloons, and other paraphernalia. Children’s birthday parties provide individual entertainment program with competitions.

Why our restaurant wins?

Serving tables, utensils for food and drinks, the overall impression of the interior contributes looseness. The atmosphere is cozy and harmony in every detail, as evidenced by reviews of grateful guests. For transport provided parking, and each scenario birthday developed separately (we do not deal with plagiarism). Terrace with sea views undeveloped so that any weather could not spoil the holiday. If a small number of guests, it is possible to stay in the inner banquet hall of the restaurant. For all questions and clarifications, please call +38 (048) 771 27 91