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Away painting by the sea


Outdoor painting by the sea in Odessa

Modern bride and groom are free to choose the venue of the ceremony of the painting. Most newlyweds prefer visiting the usual triumph of painting in the registry office. The pleasure expensive, but not much, but the venue can be chosen to your taste and decorate it like a willing bride to the groom. That is why visiting painting in Odessa is popular among the spouses. But it is important to think through the details and create your own script, if you want to surprise your guests.

Benefits exit registration Maristella

Qualitative organization of weddings (link) includes not only the availability of the required attributes, and drawing program. Of course, the couple wish to get something different, own, so the requirements may differ. In our restaurant we take into account all the nuances that are specified in advance. Some newlyweds are willing to say nice recognition, other – to dance romantic dance immediately after the registration of marriage. In this case, exit-painted certainly be remembered by everyone in Odessa.

We offer:

  • Making your own celebration program;
  • the original design ideas sea restaurant terrace;
  • the presence of wedding paraphernalia (cushions under the ring, baskets of flowers and others.);
  • exit registration is unlimited in time;
  • the amazing sea views in the background of the newlyweds.

The restaurant in the Maristella Marine Residence – it is possible to arrange a large number of invited guests on a comfortable terrace (300 persons). a banquet hall for 100 persons is suitable for a modest wedding and dance and competitive programs run on an open platform. The advantages of a wedding here – comfortable apartments to relax after the festivities. The staff there are professional designers, skilled florists, ready to reflect your imagination in the design of furniture, arches and others.

The modern restaurant away paintings in Odessa.

An alternative method of registering a marriage are increasingly attracting young people. Standard registrar easily changed to any exotic place, with the wedding budget does not stretch. You do not need to hurry, or, conversely, to stand waiting at the door of the state institutions in anticipation of the previous pair. The program is made for any period, subject to individual negotiation. Your exit registration in Odessa will be the ideal, it is our guarantee. Telephone for inquiries: +38 (048) 771 27 91

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